Cyber Monday! 50% OFF Hundreds of items!


This Year Cyber Monday is 2 Sales in 1!

We have chosen a group of popular physical items that magicians will want to stock up on and we have also chosen a HUGE selection of our eBooks for download.

50% OFF Cyber Monday ONLY!
  • Bible Erdnase, all 5 colors and bundles!
  • Superior Bricks! You choose the color, red, black or blue!
  • Superior Readers, these are perfect for the working pro, stock up!
  • Superior Invisible deck. The finest on the market, factory sealed and cello wrapped.
  • Superior Fako gaffs. This takes your Superior Classic deck to a whole new level!
  • Superior Silver Arrows by Jackson Robinson. An superbly designed deck for the working pro.
  • The Ultimate Sphinx magazine DVD. The full Sphinx magazine digitized and searchable.
  • Aunt Mary’s Terrible Secret. A genius complete routine by David Williamson. Fully described and beautifully illustrated.
  • The “Evil” deck by Giovanni Meroni.
  • Nine Lives deck by Abolina Art. This award winning Limited Edition deck is outstanding.
  • NOC Snow Leopards, fully marked and fun. Now Half Off!
50% OFF HUNDREDS of Ebooks!

We are also offering a huge selection of our great eBook collection at 50% off. This is the perfect time to get all the digital books you need for your tablet.

  • Way too many to list! You just have to shop.


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