Ask Alexander

Ask Alexander is one of the most valuable resources in magic today. At present, it contains over 2,500,000 pages of great material dating back to the beginning of printing.  All access levels feature keyword search; instant translation into nearly fifty languages; and personal search history. In addition, you can easily create personalized bookshelves and collections from your favorite documents.

Want to try it out? You can get a basic, FREE account right now.


Limited Access
  • It’s a real account. Just sign up, login and begin searching. You will get access to over 15,000 pages of great material.
  • Search. Alex is really easy to search. Just type in your keyword and go. Or you can use Advanced search to really drill down on the content and find what you need.
  • Read. Our pdf based system makes screen reading really easy. Alex’s content is almost entirely made up of high resolution full color scans. This makes reading comfortable and easy.
  • Keep your notes. Alex allows you to make notes on pages you find and then keep them all together for later.
  • Build your bookshelf. If you like what you are reading save it to your own personal bookshelf so that it’s waiting for you when you return.
  • Translation. Alex uses Google translation to allow you to translate almost any page in Ask Alexander
  • No credit cards or commitments of any kind. This level is really free.


Monthly Subscription
  • Bronze access provides an incredible value for those who want a taste of what Ask Alexander contains. This level features:
  • 600,000 pages of material.
  • Complete files of magazines such as the Sphinx, Linking Ring, MUM, Mahatma, Hugard’s Magic Monthly and many, many more.
  • Dozens of complete books by Jon Racherbaumer and the Miracle Factory.
  • Unlimited access to the Victorian Popular Culture database. This resource is full of magic material and related subjects. This access alone is worth the price of the subscription. (We do not own this service but only license it and therefore this feature may be removed without notice.)
  • And much more.
  • Bronze level access is available as part of our Charlier level membership package (which includes special discounts and our journal, Gibecière).


Monthly Subscription
  • With over 850,000 pages of material, Silver level provides superior access. In addition to all Bronze material, this level includes a great many more books and magazines, many of which have only been made available by special arrangement with the authors and publishers. Highlights include:
  • Genii magazine. The complete run of this great magazine from issue one to this month’s issue is available in the Silver and Gold levels.
  • Stewart James’s correspondence.
  • Sid Lorraine’s incredible files.
  • Dozens of Max Maven books.
  • Silver level Ask Alexander access is available as part of our Hofzinser level membership package (which includes special discounts and our journal, Gibecière).


Monthly Subscription
  • Gold level features over 1,100,000 pages of material, the best outside of the library. Users will encounter vast troves of books, magazines, and rare items. This includes all of Bronze and Silver as well as:
  • Rare books from before 1900s.
  • Houdini Scrapbooks.
  • Hugard’s comprehensive personal files.
  • Dani DaOrtiz’s El Manuscrito.
  • Paul Harris books, and more.
  • Gold level Ask Alexander access is available for subscription as part of our Erdnase level membership package (which includes special discounts and our journal, Gibecière).

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