Board of Directors

The Conjuring Arts Research Center’s Board of Directors consists of performers and academics.

Dan Smith  manages Conjuring Arts’ software development. He is the primary developer of the Ask Alexander search engine and oversees software development by volunteers. Working at Conjuring Arts allows Dan to combine his passion for magic history with his extensive professional work in software development. Dan was elected to the board of directors on Sept. 9, 2013.

David Blaine is an internationally known artist whose performances such as Frozen in Time, Above the Below, and Fearless have been instrumental in reshaping the public’s perception of magic performance. His craft benefits tremendously from the resources available at Conjuring Arts. By re-envisioning the work of classic magicians, Mr. Blaine has translated historic performances for the modern, urban world and invigorated a new generation of would-be magicians.

Steve Cuiffo is a New York based actor, magician, and member of the experimental theater collective, The Wooster Group. Also a technical director for magic productions, it is his extensive knowledge of performance and his eye for the aesthetic that together define classical magic entertainment.

William Kalush, Conjuring Arts Executive Director, is a lifelong student of sleight of hand, magic and its histories. His intense research into the roots of magic and the conjuring arts make him a sought after historian. He works closely with a number of magicians to produce stage and television shows based on historic sleight of hand techniques.

Philip Varrichio, attorney and magician, is a former student of Slydini, one of the great masters of close-up magic. He is located in Nevada and provides his services to Conjuring Arts.

These five men collect, organize, plan, and provide many resources needed by young practitioners for the advanced study of this art. Their intention is to gather and then provide access to every possible magic related material for any person who needs, desires, or can benefit from it. Conjuring Arts would never consider discriminating based on race, ethnicity, socio-economic background, sexual orientation, gender, age, language, or physical ability. The Conjuring Arts Research Center’s facilities and services are available to anyone who has an interest in or passion for magic.

Advisor to the Board of Directors

As of 9-9-13 David Singmaster was unanimously elected to Director Emeritus and is now Advisor to the Board of Directors.

David Singmaster is Professor of Mathematics at South Bank University, London. His publications include, “Notes on Rubik’s Magic Cube”, “Handbook on Cubik Math”, and the magazine “Cubic Circulator”. He is considered the principal historian of recreational mathematics.

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