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Magic heals people. As magicians we see how it can do so many powerful things for both the spirit and the body. For 7 years Conjuring Arts’ Hocus Pocus Project has sent professional magicians to Childrens’ Hospitals, Veterans’ Hospitals, Community Centers and Juvenile Detention Centers in New York City.

Our program was recently featured in the New York Times:


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We need your help. It costs Hocus Pocus about $100 per session to teach magic and it’s funded solely by gifts of generous individuals like yourself.

Please consider giving Hocus Pocus a gift of:

$15.00 a month. This will support us to teach several students magic and help to build up their confidence and self esteem.

$150.00 a month. Will support an entire class that meets every other week to learn amazing magic.

$350.00 a month will support an entire semester for our for credit program in New York City’s Juvenile Justice Department. This gift will give these students a chance to grow, build self confidence and self esteem and a chance to improve their lives permanently. With this money we will teach a program where these students get credit towards their high school diplomas.

Donation Now, It’s Easy and Secure:


All donations are greatly appreciated and all are 100% tax deductible to the extent the law allows.

Please visit the Hocus Pocus Project site at http://hocuspocusproject.org  for more information.


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