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The Conjuring Arts Research Center is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of magic and its allied arts, which include psychic phenomenon, hypnosis, deceptive gambling, mentalism, ventriloquism, juggling, and sleight-of-hand techniques. Currently, Conjuring Arts functions primarily as a research library, of over 11,000 book and magazine titles, dating back to the 15th century and representing multiple languages. However, the library itself is only the first in a long list of roles Conjuring Arts plays. By providing its holdings, online database, semi-annually published journal, and performance component to the public, Conjuring Arts strives to preserve the rich histories and traditions of this ancient performing art.


Conjuring Arts was established in 2003 and has quickly become a relevant cultural and academic space. Created, in part, to encourage in-depth scholarship devoted to the subject, it has evolved into a resource for performers, historians, writers, collectors, producers of television and film projects, and the general public. With its ever growing library of books and periodicals, Conjuring Arts developed, and continues to maintain, an expansive collection of magic related material. Housing both research materials and various rare conjuring antiquities, Conjuring Arts provides a magical opportunity to more fully understand the history and complexities of one of the world’s oldest professions within the context of contemporary life.

Go Green

In our quest to be better citizens of the earth, Conjuring Arts runs entirely on renewable electricity! Those in New York (and likely in many other locations too) can also use renewable energy by choosing a Green power provider. It is as simple as a page or two of paperwork, no new connections or anything technical is needed. Con Ed Solutions offers a Green solution that we use here. More information is available on their website.

We’ve also started to use recycled paper products. Here at Conjuring Arts we believe that all paper should be saved to print books on. All other disposable paper should both start as recycled and then be recycled or at least be biodegradable. In our search for the best we’ve found Seventh Generation which is both 100% recycled and at least 80% post consumer materials. If you want a great deal and also want to help the universe (and even the library a little) please click on the Amazon links below. Anything you order from Amazon after clicking the links below (or the search box on the support us page) helps theConjuring Arts a little bit. Thanks for helping the universe too!

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