Mission statement

The Conjuring Arts Research Center is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of performance magic and its allied arts, which include deceptive gambling techniques, science and history of playing cards, mentalism, ventriloquism, juggling, psychology of deception, variety arts, psychic phenomenon, hypnosis and sleight of hand techniques. Physically located in Manhattan but electronically available worldwide, Conjuring Arts provides a valuable resource for performers, historians, collectors, and the general public, with its extensive working library of books and periodicals, many of which are not readily available anywhere else. Conjuring Arts strives to maintain and develop the most expansive collection of conjuring related material in the world, and then to provide public and practitioners access to it.

Population Served

The Conjuring Arts Research Center seeks to be an important cultural center. Appealing to worldwide practitioners and performers of the conjuring arts, academic historians, collectors, writers and general enthusiasts, Conjuring Arts fills the gap between private collections of magic related history and information, and the public. The planned projects and programs are designed to serve its intended audience, as indicated above, by creating access to rare texts on history and methodology. Additionally, Conjuring Arts will be an active site for the sharing and exchange of knowledge related to all of the conjuring arts.

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