Blaine Kills Fallon!


David Blaine does an incredible spot on Jimmy Fallon.


Conjuring Arts Lending Libraries


We now loan magic props and magic books! Read Noah Levine’s great piece on it now.


Persi Diaconis


Quanta Magazine’s Great Piece on This Magic Legend.


David Blaine Predicts the Future


Want to know what the top magician in the world thinks of the future of magic? Read the Economist piece now.


Cool Hunting Visits Conjuring Arts Again!


This is a great piece about rarities in New York. Conjuring Arts is featured starting at about 1:37.


Ask Alexander


The magic world’s first, and greatest, search engine. Containing over 2.5 million pages of magic material.


Expert Playing Card Co.


The world’s finest playing cards, for Experts by Experts.


Blaine Kills Fallon!

Blaine Kills Fallon!

Our old friend (and Conjuring Arts Director) David Blaine has done one of the strongest television sets in recent memory. He has Jimmy Fallon literally jumping up and down with excitement. Watch this incredible clip...

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