***Sold Out***Erdnase 1902 Red Smith Back Playing Cards! (Very Limited!)

The third deck in our Erdnase 1902 series of playing card decks is now available, although very, very limited. These are the same as our first release, an all over back design, except they are now in the classic Bee red color. Keeping with our tradition of excellence, we have maintained the high standard of quality featured in the previous release retaining the finest Bee Casino 825 paper and special coating.

Also, we have kept the tradition of offering the cards in Cambric and Ivory finishes, perfect for a variety of surreptitious purposes, or just to suit your preference.

As with our previous release, these are only going to be available to members (at a discounted rate) at first and, eventually, to non-members, if they do not sell out too quickly! We really think we have created one of the best decks of cards available on the market today while offering them at the best prices available. Our ability to do this was greatly assisted by having a member of our staff work closely with the United States Playing Card Company to test numerous decks until we achieved the exact combination of elements to get the superior feel and handling we required at the lowest possible price.






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