Erdnase 1902 Green Acorn: Special Edition! (Everyone can order!) ***SOLD OUT!***

These are an updated edition of one of our best selling (and sold out!) decks featuring some alterations to the design for aesthetic as well as deceptive purposes. The cards feature a modified Acorn back design in green, with faces representative of the 1902 period. Those who have purchased decks from us in the past will be pleased to hear that we have not only retained the very high quality of previous editions but believe we have surpassed it!

These cards are printed on the web press using the casino paper. Then they went through a special finishing process to create a thin, strong, and very springy playing card. They are in a Cambric finish, and, as is our custom, we also have them available in Ivory finish by request. Use them based on your preferences, or combine them for nefarious purposes!

Additionally we have had them cut the same way that Richard Turner has his cut, so they shuffle and faro extremely well. We have gone to great lengths to make these the best cards you have ever handled, even considering the upcoming summer weather and factoring in the possible heat and humidity!

As usual, we printed a very limited number and will not be reprinting them, so get them while you can! Our first edition sold out in only 2 days!










Conjuring Arts Member Prices:

1 deck = $3.49
6 decks = $19.99 ($3.33/deck!)
12 decks = $39.00 ($3.25/deck!)
72 decks = $215.00 ($2.99/deck!!!) (US Orders 72 decks = free shipping!)

Retail Deck Prices (Non-Members):

1 deck  = $3.99
6 decks = $22.99 ($3.83/deck!)
12 decks = $45.00 ($3.75/deck!)
72 decks = $251.00 (3.49/deck!!!) (US Orders 72 decks = free shipping!)


1-3 decks US First Class Mail: prices vary $1.75 – $4.00
1-3 decks Int’l First Class Mail: prices vary $5.00 – $9.00
4-6 decks Small Priority Mail box: US $4.95 / Int’l $13.95
7-12 decks 1 Priority Mail envelope: US $4.95 / Int’l $13.95*
13-24 decks 2 Priority Mail envelopes: US $4.95 each ($9.90) / Int’l $13.95 each ($27.90)*
25-54 decks Medium Priority Mail box: US $10.50 / Int’l $45.50
55-72 decks Large Priority Mail box: US $14.95 / Int’l $58.50

Shipping Priority Mail to Canada/Mexico, and shipping United Parcel Service (UPS) to any place in US east of the MIssissippi River, may be less expensive than the prices above, depending on your address and weight of your order. Email us for a shipping question or quote.

Order Now! (Sold Out)

Please remember that you can include Indestructible or Original Erdnase Bibles, Gibecières, as well as any of our other merchandise with your cards order!

*A dozen decks is shipped in a priority flat rate envelope, which does not allow for the brick to be shipped assembled, if you would like the cards in the brick box, let us know. We would be happy to ship the whole thing to you for a small increase in shipping.



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