The answer is: currants and a bill. It can be found by finding that Tom Bowyer had the sleight “Indetectable” in Annemann’s The Jinx. Then using the names Nelms, Fitzkee, and Tommy Wonder to find that Tommy Wonder recommends three books: Nelms’ Magic and Showmanship, and Fitzkee’s Showmanship for Magicians and Magic by Misdirection. The Trick Brain is the missing part of the trilogy of Fitzkee books. Tom Bowyer had commentary on The Trick Brain published in Ibidem magazine under the title “Trick Brain Tumors”. In one of the articles is the following:

“page 65: Fitzkee: Electric light globes are not expensive. Things could be taken from them.

Bowyer: Sure, currants.

Fitzkee: “a pun is the lowest form, etc.” If a bill from an egg, why not from a light globe?

Bowyer: Sure, an electric light bill”

So we arrive at the answer which is currants and a bill.

Again our congratulations to Bill Mullins on his correct answer. He has decided to go for the alternative prize which is a set of the three hardbound Ibidem books, which are awesome, so we hope that he finds even more with his prize!

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