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The answer that we were hoping for was first sent in by Chris Ragaisis and is Koschitz’s Manual of Useful Information. It can be found by searching for the “Worth of a Photograph” which will lead you to a story about the Professor as related by Roger Klause. It features a photograph of Dr. Elliott’s hands that was one of the Professor’s prized posessions. In the article you will, also, note that Dr. Elliott claimed the title of the “Champion Card Manipulator of the World”.

Searching for “Champion Card Manipulator of the World” will lead you to a number of articles, one of which is one of the Professor’s “The Vernon Touch” articles that is almost exclusively on Erdnase. In that article is the name “John C. Sprong” whose real name was Myers (as noted in the article). Searching “John C. Sprong” brings you to an article on Dai Vernon with quite a bit of information on Mr. Sprong, as far as information about Mr. Sprong is available, and you will find that he was at one point trying to trade a set of billiard balls for Koschitz’s Manual of Useful Information!

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