Here is the untold true story of the Willard family and the four men who toured rural America as Willard the Wizard. Besides scouring old magazines, newspapers, letters, scrapbooks and photographs, author David Charvet had the full cooperation of Eugene, Madeline and Frances Willard who grew up backstage on the Willard the Wizard show. Here is the ultimate behind-the-scenes story of a traveling tent show as told by those who lived it. Willard – A Life Under Canvas is number 14 in our series of Magical Pro-Files. It contains 370 pages with 276 photographs and because the entire book is printed in two colors, many of the photos appear in duotone, giving them the feel of a hot, dusty tent show. Eight pages of full color show Harry Willard in action along with some beautiful portraits of his well-worn apparatus.This edition is limited to 1,000 hand-numbered copies. Price $85 plus $5 postage.

DELUXE EDITION features a tipped-in, hand-tinted portrait of Harry Willard along with an extra page with a color photograph of Eugene, Madeline and Frances Willard. Each of them, along with the author David Charvet, has signed this page. The book is housed in a matching slipcase stamped in two colors. Only 150 copies of this hand-numbered, deluxe edition have been produced.

Price: $195 //  Available from Mike Caveney’s Magic Words at

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