Now you can study Erdnase at the pool or even in the pool! Our new pocket sized edition of the classic text on playing card artifice is now practically indestructible. It is waterproof, tear resistant, and has a sewn binding for durability. Tested in numerous locations, these little books are pretty much impervious. Our director, Bill Kalush, surprised us by promptly taking the first newly printed copy and dunking it into a nearby water glass before explaining its particular qualities. After he squeezed out the water, the book was as good as new!

It’s the same size and format as our very popular “Bible” Erdnase. It even has the line numbers as reference.

Since we printed a limited number of these, we are going to start out by selling them only to members of Conjuring Arts to give them the opportunity to get it first before it sells out. If you are not a member we hope that you consider joining, or at least find someone that is a member and have them order one for you!

Guy Hollingworth:

“The resourceful publisher, failing to improve the content, changes the paper.”

Eric Mead:

“I found my copy buried in the sand with tides washing over it in Cadiz, Spain. Seriously–true story. I rinsed it off, blew the sand out of the cracks and can now study blind shuffles from the comfort of my jacuzzi.”

Michael Weber:

“Intelligent people know that Erdnase demands a lifetime of thoughtful study and this is the only edition that will last that long. Now go figure out why I have 12 of them.”

Bill Malone:

“Every time I sit down with a deck and Erdnase I end up kicking it, burning it and throwing it out the window. I need this new edition.”

Jason England:

“Don’t know why you called this edition of Erdnase ‘inedible’, mine went down just fine. Wait a minute….what?”

AVAILABLE NOW to Members (with your 10% discount applied) and Non-Members

Members’ Price:  $22.50 (Non-members $25)



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