Greetings! Next Tuesday, October 12, the BBC will have a feature on Randini on their radio program Making History. Some of you may be familiar with him from reading The Secret Life of Houdini or perhaps through Edwin Dawes’ article in the Magic Circular (members can view this by going to the link at the bottom of the page), however, all of you will probably know about one of his innovations. He is known for originating the feat of escaping from a strait jacket upside down while dangling by his feet! No doubt you have come across images of Randini’s hero, Houdini, performing this perilous feat. Now you can listen to the story of the man who brought it to Houdini’s attention.

Further information can be found in the excellent book, by Ann Beedham, Randini: The Man Who Helped Houdini which is available here.

“A Rich Cabinet of Magical Curiosities 280: Castleton’s House of Wonders: Randolph O. Douglas, His Museum and His Houdini Collection” by Edwin A. Dawes MIMC in the Magic Circular Issue 1027 Volume 96 February 2002

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