We are very pleased to offer a few copies of a very elegant publication of De viribus quantitatis for sale on our website. This important treatise represents what could be the first book largely devoted to magic and one of the very first places to describe card tricks, as well as numerous other principles. This also represents the first time the book has been published! Dating from the 1490s, it was written by Fra. Luca Pacioli with help from his colleague, and Renaissance [Super] Man, Leonardo da Vinci, no less.

This edition features three books in a slip case and everything is a marvel to behold. There is a facsimile of the original manuscript in old Italian, an analysis in modern Italian, and a summary and commentary in English. The books are beautiful, and there was definitely no expense spared in this sumptuous reprint. (Notice: this is not an English translation!)

Although everything is not translated into English, it is a remarkable work in both authorship and the physical presence of this new edition. Highly recommended to collectors, those interested in history, or anyone that can read Italian! It is very hard to get in the US, and we are lucky to be able to offer the few copies that we do have available.

Here is an article about the book and information concerning a possible English translation in the future: The Guardian

The cost is $279 postpaid in the US.
$299 to Canada.
$319 elsewhere.

Sold Out

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