Our 12th issue of Gibecière is now on its way to us…and will quickly be on its way to you!

This issue features another great translation by Lori Pieper of an important work, Attractive treasury of curiosities by Diego Joseph Zamorano.

Recently we published an English translation of Pablo Minguet è Yrol’s Engaños a ojos vistas (Deceptions in Plain Sight), it turns out that Zamorano was a contemporary of Minguet and published Attractive treasury of curiosities as a critical review of Minguet’s book!

This is a fascinating opportunity to read what a professional, and one-armed, magician thought of one of the more popular conjuring books of his time.

Additionally we have commentary on Zamorano’s work as well as a further installment of the wonderful “An Investigation into Magic in Japan” by Mitsunobu Matsuyama.

We would also like to mention that we intend to adjust our publishing schedule so that the Summer issue comes out around July 15 and the Winter issue on January 15!

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