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As a special treat for EMC 2011 attendees, we are offering a contest! Everyone that registered for the convention before July 4th has received special EMC 2011 level access to Ask Alexander. The challenge will be to use Ask Alexander to answer the question posted below as quickly as possible. The first person submitting the correct answer(s) will win ten decks of our playing cards, postage paid anywhere in the world! We hope that you have a good time using your complimentary Ask Alexander access and find many more things along the way!


A magician uses a double lift that can be described as “impeccable” in a legendary magazine for a feat that was “double”-y legendary. Search this magician’s name along with Peter Pit to find, if you look back, something out of place. What is it?

E-mail your answers to: EMCanswer1@conjuringarts.org Contest is closed…see the answer and the winner below!


Congratulations to Frank Yuen for his correct answer of our contest question! The correct answer was “a card”. The answer can be arrived at by looking for Impeccable Double, a Howie Schwarzman technique from Professional Card Magic by Cliff Green, in Jon Racherbaumer’s The Legendary Hierophant. You will find a story of Persi Diaconis performing the technique with two doubles! Searching for Persi Diaconis and Peter Pit leads one to several pages, one of which is a trick in Genii magazine called the “The Card on the Back”, so, if you look back for something out of place, it is a card!

Hopefully everyone that attempted the contest enjoyed their search and is considering becoming a member of Conjuring Arts!


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