In honor of Erdnaseum and the collaboration between Genii Magazine and Conjuring Arts, we are offering a contest to subscribers of Genii Magazine. The prize is two decks of cards, and the joy and frivolity of searching through Genii on Ask Alexander! These decks will be shipped post paid anywhere in the world. The challenge will be to answer the contest question and whoever correctly answers first will receive the prize.


Find the worth of a photograph to Dai Vernon. Use the title of the object of the photograph to find an article about a book. The psuedonym of one of the men mentioned in the article will lead you to an article where he is discussed at length. Which book was he trying to acquire as part of a trade?

Send your answers to: (Contest has ended, see the answer below!)


This contest was won by Chris Ragaisis quite quickly! We were very surprised and impressed with his researching skills, and then even more surprised when, almost just as quickly, we received several other correct answers! Congratulations to Chris and those of you who are interested can view the answer we were looking for here:

Answer to the contest!

Thank you for trying and Good Luck! Happy Erdnaseum to everyone!

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