The finest Bicycles ever printed and for only $3.49/deck!

Conjuring Arts proudly introduces our new exclusive Professional Bicycle® Playing Cards to the magic community. These new Professional Bicycles® may look familiar, but they have been custom designed for discerning card handlers. They feature an unprecedented level of quality along with a handful of clever surprises.


These cards are printed on the highest quality casino stock with USPCC’s finest coating. This makes for a deck that not only feels as good as cards from 10 years ago, but even better. These cards will make many common sleights easier, and certain sleights and flourishes wouldn’t be possible with any other deck.

These decks are arranged similarly to the Spanish, or Fournier, order. It is a natural Stay-Stack or mirror stack and will allow those of you who use Mnemonica to get into stack more quickly than with regular Bicycles.

As with our other cards, users can decide whether they prefer the feel of an Air Cushion or Ivory finish. Clever magicians will create “sorts” by mixing the two finishes together in one deck. A very powerful secret weapon from nearly a hundred years ago that has not been available for decades!
Two identical Jokers in full color.
Three Built-In Revelations– We have designed 12 different card boxes. Although they will look the same to your audience, in actuality each reveals three commonly named cards in an unexpected manner. This is a new innovation from Conjuring Arts. One card is revealed on the inside of the box and another is revealed when your spectator calls the number under the bar code. Best of all, your spectators can watch the bar code itself transform into the name of a selected card!
Classic Tuck Case – We have based our card box on the old “Classic” design rather than the current “Standard” box. This design looks more sophisticated and allows magicians to take advantage of the full-size card back printed on the box.
The cards have been cut in order to facilitate table and other faro shuffles which weave from the bottom up. These card have been built to last much much longer than retail cards, staying flat instead of curling.

Most importantly, the price. We have priced these decks to be cheaper than what’s available at the average drug store! Now you can get recognizable playing cards, of the finest quality, with built in secrets, at the best price!



What magicians are saying:

You have created a new card that is as good as (or better than) some of my favorite old cards. – Michael Weber

I love these cards and so will you! After three weeks of constant shuffling they still handle great. To date these are the finest quality cards on the market. – Bill Malone

Available in nearly every convenience store across the nation, the Bicycle® brand is recognized as the standard among playing cards. Unfortunately the quality of this deck has diminished to an almost unbearable standard for magicians and it’s because of this that we are forced to use alternative cards that might seem a bit odd to the viewing audience. The Professional Bicycle® packages everything the Conjuring Arts knows about printing cards, combined with innovative features, inside a classic Bicycle® box. We couldn’t be more pleased with a deck of playing cards. – Dan and Dave

Here is a breakdown of the pricing:

Sold in sets of 12 decks (36 reveals in all) and gross of 144 decks (1 brick of each 3-reveal design)*. Free shipping within the USA.

Member pricing (includes shipping!)(Members must log in for discounted pricing):

12 decks = $54.99 ($48.99 + $6 shipping; $4.58/deck)
144 decks = $502 (Postpaid! Just $3.49/deck!)

Canada and Mexico:
12 decks = $62.99 ($48.99 + $14 shipping; $5.25/deck)
144 decks = $554 ($450 + $104 shipping; only $3.85/deck!)

12 decks = $66.99 ($48.99 + $18 shipping; $5.58/deck)
144 decks= $594 ($450 + $144 shipping, only $4.13/deck!)

Non-member pricing (includes shipping!):

12 decks = $64.99 ($58.99 + $6 shipping; $5.42/deck)
144 decks = $647 (Postpaid! Just $4.49/deck!)

Canada and Mexico:
12 decks = $72.99 ($58.99 + $14 shipping; $6.08/deck)
144 decks = $699 ($595 + $104 shipping; only $4.85/deck!)

12 decks = $76.99 ($58.99 + $18 shipping; $6.42/deck)
144 decks= $739 ($595 + $144 shipping, only $5.13/deck!)

* At this time no single deck orders. Only available by the dozen, or by mixed gross at present. Each dozen contains 1 each of the 12 designs (6 Air-cushion and 6 Ivory). Each gross contains 12 decks of each design. For the best price, buy a gross.

12 different card boxes:

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