Greetings from Conjuring Arts! We are very happy to be able to supply a new and exciting deck from a new and exciting producer of playing cards. These Pr1me cards were brought to our attention by Jared Molton and we are very enthusiastic. They are imported from Italy and feature an elegant classical design. More importantly, however, is the excellent feel, handling, and production value of these superb cards.

You will notice right away that they are quite thin while being exceptionally strong and springy. In fact, they are reminiscent of the legendary Jerry’s Nugget playing cards and other cards from the 1970s, having an almost varnished feel. They stay very flat and have an extraordinary spring to them despite being thin. [You might notice that some of the blue decks are a bit softer than the reds, but not all, so go with the red if you are looking for the most spring]

Additionally you will be surprised at the precision registration. As you can see in the photo, the borders are quite slim but perfectly centered. They look fantastic! The great, classical design on the back also features a subtle one-way aspect that can be utilized for magic related purposes.

We will point out, in advance, that the tuck cases are nothing extraordinary and are, in fact, quite disappointing, but the cards more than make up for it! Definitely get a deck or two to try out (or more before they sell out!), we think you will be very happy, and please let us know what you think of these excellent new cards!

We only have 200 decks and do not plan to get any more so order quickly to avoid disappointment. We imported them for you to try out and to see if you are as excited as we are by the extraordinary handling and feel of this new deck.

Price: only $7.99 plus shipping! Or as little as $7.49 a deck if you buy a dozen!

Buy Now ***Sold Out***

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