We frequently get phone calls and emails requesting further information about Ask Alexander. While magic requires a bit of secrecy and exclusivity, we understand that some people want to know what they are getting before they spend $95, $245, or $495 on a yearlong membership.

For this reason we have made Ask Alexander publically searchable. While it is still necessary to have a subscription if you want to access articles, the public search feature allows non-members to search for their favorite magicians and effects in order to see what information is available at each membership level. This way you know exactly what you are getting before signing up. This also allows members with Bronze and Silver access to see what they’ve been missing. Additionally, we are offering instant subscriptions, so that new members can begin searching just seconds after joining.

Both of these changes are part of an effort to make our database accessible to a greater variety of magicians, researchers, and curiosity seekers.

Ask Alex

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