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An extraordinary new deck, Pr1me cards are imported from Italy and are reminiscent of the great cards produced in the 1970s. We sold out of our small selection of the first run, but we are very happy to have received another small batch during the recent reprint. These have a different and improved feel, and we think you will be very pleased!
They stay very flat and have an extraordinary spring to them despite being thin. You will also be surprised at the precision registration: the borders are quite slim but perfectly centered. They look fantastic! The great, classical design on the back also features a subtle one-way aspect that can be utilized for magic related purposes.
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Pr1me Series 001 Second Edition =

– Improved Tuck Box Design
– Improved Print Quality
– 52 cards + 2 jokers + 2 bonus cards
– 310 grm cardstock Duplex, Linen Finish
– Soft, Flexible, Durable, Beautiful
– All Aces are decorated
– Completely original Pr1me design of Q J K
– Modernized Faces
– A name hidden within a picture
– It ‘contains the name Pr1me in all J Q K
– Intricate and beautiful Red and Blue backs
– Information leaflet included in each deck
– Venetian Joker style Puppet
– Packed by Hand
The price on these has been reduced from $7.99 to just $5.95, and the price can be further reduced by purchasing a dozen decks at once. The dozen pricing is also postpaid domestically!
Here are the prices:
Domestic (Dozen price includes shipping!):
1 deck = $7.95 ($5.95 + $2 shipping)
12 decks = $69 (Postpaid! Just $5.75/deck!)
1 deck = $13.95 ($5.95 + $8 shipping)
12 decks = $90 ($69 + $21 shipping; Just $7.50/deck!)
1 deck = $15.95 ($5.95 + $10 shipping)
12 decks = $94 ($69 + $25 shipping; Just $7.83/deck!)
*Conjuring Arts is not responsible for items shipped without insurance. Conjuring Arts policy is to always state the actual cost of items shipped on the customs form.
Images courtesy of 52cartes.


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