Gibeciere 17 CoverGibecière 17, Volume 9, Number 1
Winter 2014

Gibecière number 17 is a fantastic issue, and we are very proud of it.

We begin this issue with the tenth and final installment of the excellent and enlightening “Investigation into Magic in Japan after the Opening of the Country” by Mitsunobu Matsuyama. Mr. Matsuyama delves into the histories of some highly successful female magicians, amateur and professional magic societies, the sale of magic in department stores, and the early history of the Tenyo magic line as well as historical notes on Tenkai.

Next we get acquainted with a largely unknown, but extremely intriguing and mysterious card handler in the fascinating “Moreau” by Jerry Christensen. Mr. Moreau was a French card magician who led a very luxurious life in the finest spots in France by doing card magic in restaurants and cafés. He is reputed to have been remarkable by very reliable sources and we are quite lucky to have this peek into his life and to learn about his work.

Max Maven offers what we hope will be an ongoing series entitled “Tracking Slum Magic to Its Lair”. Here, Mr. Maven delves into the “Needle through Balloon” and we get to follow this popular “slum magic” effect from its clever beginnings, burgeoning popularity, and subsequent denigration.

“Uncle Aficionado” by Enrique Jiménez-Martinez introduces the new translation, by Noah Levine, of Juan Mieg’s Curious Notices. Published anonymously, Juan Mieg was only recently connected with the authorship of this book, which features juggling, sword swallowing, speaking machines, human water-fountains, the feats of professional gluttons and conjuring performances, as well as some information on the Phantasmagoria that appears nowhere else!

We must thank our editor, Stephen Minch, for what is truly a glorious and intriguing issue!

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