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Bob Read spent much of his life amassing the world’s largest collection of historical illustrations of the cups and balls: woodcuts, lithographs, oil paintings, and drawings, nearly 1,500 in total, each catching a magician mid-performance. The works in this collection cover an incredible span of time and geography with items from France, Spain, Turkey, Portugal, Sweden, Belgium and the United States, some dating back as early as the 1400s. Taken together, these images form a composite history of the cups and balls as seen through the public eye.

Mr. Read’s entire collection is being released in the book, The Oldest Trick in the Book: a Compendium about the Cups and Balls in Graphic Arts. Published by Edition Volker Huber, Hieronymus Bosch-Stiftung, this hardcover book has 270 pages and is filled with beautiful, full-color illustrations. Only 300 copies will be sold in total, with Conjuring Arts having the exclusive U.S. supply of 100 copies. Those who purchase it will gain valuable and immediate insight into this enduring component of the history of magic.

Get it for the next three weeks at the reduced price of $149! On July 10th the price will return to $179. Don’t miss out on this great sale!

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