Limited Time Bonus. Buy a mixed brick and get an unreleased prototype ZEN deck FREE.

Zen1-detNOC v3 mixed bricks now come with 1 FREE unreleased experimental prototype Red Zen deck from the Expert Playing Card Company. Expert is always pushing the boundaries and experimenting with new techniques, and the red Zen is the latest experiment. In the never-ending effort to create the perfect deck we have changed the chemistry of the coating and the Zen is a little different. It’s a fully produced offset (not a low-end digital proof) deck with all the features. Expert made a batch to try the new technology and will not release them for sale. The tuck is our Expert Playing Card Co.’s sideways shape and is made of premium embossed red stock and stamped with black foil. The back design is a retro masterpiece, and the best part is that you can get one FREE. Just buy a brick of NOCs and we will give you a deck. We will not sell these and when we run out of the prototypes they will be gone for good.

Each pre-mixed brick comes with at least two of each color NOC deck. Your 11th and 12th decks colors will be a surprise.

Bold, simple, and elegant. Perfect for any application!

Blue Crown has teamed up with the Expert Playing Card Company for this edition, utilizing their incredible Taipei factory and applying the NOC design to a thin yet stiff card stock with a Master finish to ensure exceptional handling for magic tricks and flourishes, as well as incredible durability to withstand even the roughest night with your poker buddies. The deck has a striking back with a solid bar of color and a thin white border. This puts the emphasis on the work you do with the cards, not on the cards themselves.

Side-Loading Tuck with Reveal

The custom side-loading tuck box matches the minimalism of the cards and carries a useful playing card reveal printed on the inside of the flap. The Ace of Spades and Jokers also carry a minimalistic yet attractive design.

Individual NOC decks are available but will not come with the bonus deck.

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