Created by Legends Playing Card Co.

The Gnostic Trinity! 

Conjuring Arts Is The Only Place In The World You Can Get These Three Decks!

Designed by Stuart Palm and produced by Legends Playing Card Co., the new and elaborate Gnostic decks reveal an elegant motif designed with the mystery performer in mind. The design is both classical and mystical and features many built-in secrets.

The tuck cases for the Gnostic decks are some of the most intricate of all time, extravagantly featuring two colors of foil on the outside and complete foil on the inside. The cards themselves display an original and beautiful use of metallic inks. Only 1,000 decks of each color were produced, and we are very pleased to offer the only US supply. The Gnostic Trinity includes a Rose-Gold/Black deck, a Lapis Blue deck, and a consecutively numbered Exclusive Red deck produced exclusively for Conjuring Arts. Conjuring Arts is the only place in the world you can buy these three decks together!

Gnostic Trinity, all 3 decks $38.99 Pstpd/US Individual Decks also available, $13.75/ea. plus postage




RGnostic14-det BGnostic1-det RGnostic11-det RGnostic6-det BkGnostic7-det BkGnostic2-det BkGnostic4-det BGnostic5-det

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