$59.99 Per Brick Starts Oct 1!

You won’t want to miss this.

Starting at 1pm EDT Oct 1 and for 48 hours only (or while supplies last) you can buy as many bricks as you like for only $59.99 each. This includes many amazing decks from Conjuring Arts, Legends PCC and the Expert Playing Card Company. Hurry, as these prices will NOT be repeated and we expect many decks to sell out.

Preview the Sale


BlueEgytpiansBlueGnosticsGoldEgytpiansGoldGnosticsRedEgyptiansRedGnosticsBrickTitanWht-det BrickTitanGld-det BrickSmith-det BrickOwlPur-det BrickOwlBlu-det BrickOwlBlk-det BrickNOCYel-det BrickNOCRed-det BrickNOCPur-det BrickNOCGrn-det BrickNOCBlu-det BrickExq-det BrickAlex-det BrickAcorn-det Brick216Tan-det Brick216Grn-det

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