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The Winter 2016 issue of Gibecière is getting ready to ship and we can’t wait to share it with you. Come travel the world with us as we track down magic in Japan, America, Austria and Persia.

  • Mitsunobi Matsuyama has joined us again to present a fascinating look at “Metsuke-ji”, a centuries-old mathematical effect developed in Japan.
  • Jerry Christensen sheds light on little-known Allan Shaw, a coin manipulator during the vaudeville era considered second only to T. Nelson Downs.
  • Magic Christian continues his efforts to discover more about the fascinating life and accomplishments of Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser, overturning two commonly accepted opinions in his article, “The Truth.”
  • Reza Saberi offers insight and a translation of two chapters of Tuhfat al-Ghraib, a medieval work by Muhammad ibn Ayyub Alhaseb Tabari. This work, whose title translates in English to The Gift of Wonder, falls into the genre of books of secrets more commonly found in the sixteenth-century Italian tradition. The Gift of Wonder however is an extraordinary find as it dates from the end of the tenth century to the beginning of the twelfth, and falls outside of both the date and geographic range typically associated with this genre of work.

This issue will be sent out in the beginning of February to all members due to receive it. Not currently a member? Join before January 16th to receive this as the first of your two issues that will come with your membership.

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