At Conjuring Arts we are seeing and experiencing the results of this new worldwide pandemic and our mission to spread the art of magic continues, just at a slightly slower rate. The library staff is at home and safe, but that doesn’t stop us from working on our mission.

We want to share our love for the art of magic, help you learn some new magic and help you learn about the history of magic. So we are making a selection of classic magic books available free to download from our store Which books are free will change from time to time so if you want the great books we are offering please download them when you see them. We plan to make at least 6 classics available free at all times! Please enjoy!

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Additionally, you can find a large selection (almost everything!) of our digital books at 50% off in our store as well to help you get through this time of quarantine and isolation.

Most importantly: stay safe, wash your hands, and be kind to each other!

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