Add-ons, Upgrades, Downgrades and Cancellations

Conjuring Arts offers two different services: Memberships and Subscriptions. Memberships include Ask Alexander access, product discounts, and the two issues of Gibecière that are released during your year of membership. Subscriptions strictly refer to access to various levels of Ask Alexander. Both are automatically recurring on their term (either annually or monthly). If requested Conjuring Arts can turn off the recurring charge without cancelling the account. This can be done by emailing Conjuring Arts.

Conjuring Arts memberships that include access to Ask Alexander (Charlier, Hofzinser and Erdnase) can be augmented with more material via the purchase Add-ons of monthly recurring subscriptions. These Add-ons can be cancelled at any time without affecting other memberships or subscriptions.
The best method to upgrade/downgrade a monthly subscription is to purchase the level wanted and then immediately cancel the previous subscription.
Current Conjuring Arts memberships (Charlier, Hofzinser and Erdnase) are eligible for upgrade by paying the prorated difference to upgrade. This presently can only be done by contacting Conjuring Arts Staff (
All subscription cancellations terminate the subscription immediately and any unused portion is not refundable.

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