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As you may have read, our last contest was answered correctly by Frank Yuen (Congratulations sir!) and, in order to give everyone more incentive to use Ask Alexander and find glorious information, another contest is in order! The prize remains the same (ten decks of our playing cards postage paid), although we will be offering an alternate prize, having to do with the contest, should the winner be so inclined…it’s kind of a big deal.

See our previous contest for more information and check out the question and answer to see what we are looking for.

The challenge will be to use Ask Alexander to answer the question posted below as quickly as possible. The first person submitting the correct answer(s) will win the ten decks of our playing cards (postage paid) or the alternate mystery prize! We hope that you have a good time using your complimentary Ask Alexander access and find many more things along the way!


He had an Indetectable handling of the Erdnase Diagonal Shift-Palm in an Annemann magazine. If you look for Nelms, Fitzkee, and Tommy Wonder, you will find an incomplete trilogy of books. Find the missing book, and where he annotated it, to find out some objects that might be good to produce from an incandescent bulb.

E-mail your answers to: Contest has already concluded. Congratulations to Bill Mullins on his quick and accurate answer!


We figure since the answer came so quickly, we should give some more time for people to try the question if they so desire without the answer being right here, so here is a link:

EMC Contest #2 Answer

Thank you to those that took the time to try out  the contest, and we hope that you found some good things during your search!

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